Thursday, 3 December 2009

CW - Church Shoot Evaluation

On the 22nd of November, George and I filmed the church scenes of our music video after school. First off we collected all of our props and cast members, and waited for the vicar allowing us access to the church, from which we had been in contact with.

The props consisted of the orange jumpsuit, the over-sized suit and the vicar's outfit. We then briefed each member on what they would be doing in the shoot so that they would be prepared, and so we could get the best shoot possible. First off we decided to do the 'clothes on backwards' shot.

This was going to be difficult we knew to make it look like the boy was actually walking forward when put in reverse time. We also had to think about continuity when we were going to have to edit, so we kept the same lighting and positions for each re-doing of the shot from different places and angles. We had the boy stand in front of the camera and start walking backwards with a static shot, tyaking off each garment, revealing the orange jumpsuit. We repeated this shot using a side tracking shot, and a front tracking shot for editing later.

We used car lights to light the scene. We then got a shot of the boy walking into position from the church to explain how he got to this position, making it less jarring for the audience to watch. We did this shot a few times to get the best one.

We then went into the church and shot the establishing shot, which would be shown at ther start with a panning shot to establish locations in the video. We did this many timesto get the best possible location. After this we shot the boy sitting in the pew with the orange jumpsuit on. We got numerous shots of this for filler shots.

Many tracking in shots were used to create a more personal feeling. This was difficult due to having to walk down the stairs when tracking, which jogged the camera, so in the end we did this in the editing software.

Next, we shot the time lapse sequences of the vicar preaching. We tried this shot in three different locations as filler shots. We did each shot for around seven minutes to allow for maximum use of the shot when compressing time. A difficult part of this was trying to get the boy to look like he was in real time, but he ended up moving a little bit.

Lastly we took a tracking around shot ofthe boy by holding the tripod to his chest, and getting him to swivel around. This created a chaotic and confusing connotation. We had to take many shots of this, as some of them came out not as smooth as we wanted.

Overall, our last shoot day went very successfully without anything going wrong or being to difficult. We took lots of shots so we had a wide variety to choose from. We were very impressed at how the reverse shot worked, and are truly grateful for the vicar's and cast's support throughout the filming of our video.

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