Wednesday, 9 December 2009

GCT - Evaluation: Audience Research

Throughout our project we consulted our target audience through audience research to ensure we were creating our video for their needs.Cameron and I wanted to conduct both qualitative and quantitative audience research. To do this we set up a questionnaire to find out what our audience would expect from a music video of this genre. This meant we could design our music video to suit our target audience. Below is our initial quantitative research.

As you can see from this initial quantitative research we gained an idea of what our audience wanted from our video. We tried to amplify these feelings in our video to satisfy the target audience. The aspects which we included in the video were:

• Sense of a journey that is taking place.
• Band shots include ‘indie’ style warm clothing.
• Lots of locations which look depressing and the presents of rain.
• The sense of being forced into a life that is not wanted.
• Ideologies from ‘the American dream”.
• Urban setting for sections about working in the typical 9-5.
• Rural naturalistic setting for the band shots.

Then to refine our video we held a focus group of our rough cut to find out what needed to be changed before the final cut, this formed the qualitative audience research as shown below.

The results indicated that we would not need to change anything major before our final cut. Therefore we decided to just focus on refining and tweaking the cutting times, colour levels and made the decision to re-shoot a couple of shots that we were personally not happy with. We then created another survey for our final cut to test how our media product preformed and if our audience decoded the video to understand the preferred reading. The general feedback from this survey suggested that our target audience understood the preferred reading of our music video. To take this idea further I conducted interviews with people who had watched our video asking them what they believed our video to be about, the results to this are shown in the clip below.

As you can see our audience understood what the video was about but weren't entirely sure. This is good as it means we have created the perfect amount of narrative fuzz to keep our consumers interested and set the video up for repeatability but also convey our preferred reading.

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  1. Thats good, most people found the prefered reading of our video, despite it having a cryptic meaning, and having a comples narrative.