Wednesday, 21 October 2009

GCT - Audience Research

Questionnaire results:

1. How does the track make you feel, what mood does it convey?

• “Depressed”
• “I feel calm when the track is playing but also feel that it has strong mood underlying the calmness. I feel like the song goes through a journey.”
• “Pensive, loneliness, unsure of things.”
• “It makes me feel reflective; it conveys a mood that I would feel when thinking seriously about things.”
• “At the beginning during the introduction, the mood is quite lonely and there is a sense of a a great journey yet to be undertaken.
However, throughout the track the mood improves as the journey is undertaken and develops.
The track makes me feel relaxed but at the same time leaves me feeling confused due to the crazy instrumental sections.
The track also makes me feel the colour yellow.”
• “Relaxed, calming, along those lines”

2. What style clothing would you expect the artist to wear?

• “Skinny jeans and a shirt”
• “casual but stylish”
• “Indie clothes, but also imagine clothes like The Enemy wear.”
• “Bright coloured, cold clothing, scarves etc.”
• “Warm, outdoor clothing.”
• “Knitwear and generally slightly raggedy attire, with simple and understated yet trendy styles.”
• “Indie, a kind of normal/indie blend”

3. What type of weather do you think of when listening to the track? (you may select multiple answers)

4. What colour does this track convey ?

5. What do you interpret the song to be about?

• “a rebel in society”
• “frustration about life”
• “A journey that takes place where a young person is developing into an adult but being pushed into a life that although is idyllic, he does not want.”
• “Being pushed into the stereotypical 'American dream'
• I'm unsure.”
• “A long journey, both physical and metaphorical, and not forgetting the colour yellow.”
• “Finding yourself, coming of age, something like that, not really sure hard question, but that's the feeling I got listening to it a few times.”

6. What kind of imagery does the song make you think of?

• intro sounds like traditional japanese/chinese music.
• dreamy, pensive, stuck in dead end job
• Urban settings early in the morning and late at night and the inside of run down buildings with moody lighting and high contrast between the light and dark.
• Bright, and dark contrast.
Church, prison, holes, office, everyone looking the same, masks, old fashioned contrast against modern.
• I'm unsure.
• The song makes me think of imagery of journeying as well as brief sections of confusion and disruption.
• Cloudy, see that picture i sent you

What we’ve learnt from this:

Our audience research reinforced our ideas for our music video and gave us confirmation that we were thinking along the right lines. Cameron and I believed that the track had the feeling of a journey taking place where a young boy grows into a man and makes decisions about his life. Our audience research shows that our target audience also believe that this is what the song is about as well as being calming but serious. We intend to take into account these factors when making our music video. The clothing in our video is going to be alternative and indie styles, these tie in with our audience research where we found out that the clothing that the audience would expect our band to wear is of the same genre. We planed to have dull cloudy weather in our video and when the idyllic life is shown, sunny weather. Obviously we cannot control the weather so this is quite a lot to ask for but our audience research shows that our target audience would also expect this weather. As we are filing during the winter months it is quite likely we can film during dull cloudy weather and therefore this will work out quite well for us. We planned to have a section of the music video which would be slightly de-saturated and yellow, like a sepia filter to give an ‘old fashioned’ and tradition feel. Again our audience said that the track made them think of the colour yellow so even though we weren’t thinking along such basic lines this will tie in quite well. Another decision we have made which was influenced by the audience research was the use of contrast. We were undecided weather to use high contrast during certain section of our music video but following up from our audience research we have decided that this is a good idea. Overall we have found that we are satisfying the target audiences needs through our ideas and therefore can continue creating our music video without altering anything.


  1. The audience research pretty much shows we were on track from the beginning, but the winter clothes bit was pretty useful. Glad we did this, as it kinda helps us with the visual style we should take into account, like the yellow filter.

  2. Yeah we have been able to take a lot away from this research, I'm glad that our ideas were in keeping with the audiences expectations and like you said, we need to remember the winter clothing and yellow filter. I think the yellow filter would work successfully in the house wife scene because of the connotations behind it, what do you think?