Wednesday, 14 October 2009

CW - The Shins - 'Split Needles' Pitch


Above here is our powerpoint presentation, for pitching our idea for a music video for ‘Split Needles’ for The Shins. First off we showed what our brief for the music video was. This was just to gently introduce the viewers into what we were doing, including our limitations. Next we showed the viewers the track, so that they could get a feel for what the track was like, and to stimulate the class for what kind of imagery and genre can be associated with the track to get some appropriate feedback. We also decided to show a our moodboards of different album covers to show a general format and images associated within this typical genre of music, for our digipak as well as our music video. Next we showed what we had learnt from both our product and technical analysis of the various music videos we had analysed to teach us what kinds of techniques and imagery are used. Most importantly from the technical analysis we spoke of how an asynchronous narrative is common in this genre, and that this adds cryptic messages to the viewer, acting as an intellectual puzzle for the viewer. Most importantly from the product analysis we spoke of how dominant ideologies are mostly challenged, and this is something that we must take very seriously when creating our video, as this is important to the lyrics and the target audience. We also displayed our audience research, and told the class what we had found, which was that the costumes for the band were seen as winter clothing, and that the weather should be cold and dreary. Something that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, and that the song was interpreted to be a refection on life.
Next we pitched our actual idea for our music video. We showed how it was going to be an asynchronous narrative based video, about a boy growing to becoming a man, trying to reject the dominant ideologies you are eventually forced into. This got a good response, and everyone seemed to be onboard with the idea. Then we pitched the locations we had in mind for the video. This turned out to be extremely helpful as one pitched location that we weren’t so sure about, had feedback on a good location that someone knew. We have since visited this location (Kings Hill) and have decided to use it for our production. Pitched costumes were also well received, as we showed the stereotypical housewife costume and the orange jumpsuit, which were taken as good concepts, and in concordance with our ideological discourse on dominant values. Shot ideas were taken well, as we spoke of the strange time lapse sequences and the tripod fixed to the body shot. These were experimented on before and we shown to be aesthetically interesting. After that we spoke of difficulties we might face, this turned out to be mainly concerning the time lapse sequences, as weather may be a key issue when maintaining the impression that one person will be in the present while others are in ‘fast forward’, and that being out for long periods may run out the battery on the shoot. We then displayed the cast, which was no problem, and spoke of how we were going to promote the band. Our idea of putting the name of the band on random objects in the video was very popular. Lastly we talked about our ideas for our digipak design, which turned out to be taken well, with some queries on style of the image. After we said that it would be in a cartoon style, the class was no longer concerned and liked our idea, that being of businessmen and housewives queuing up for the heavenly gates, all looking the same, while one, non suit wearing person is turned away.

Overall our pitch was a success with a lot of very valuable feedback. Everyone was on board with our idea and concept, and found our pitch well laid out. This has given George and I confidence in our ideas, and look forward to filming.

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