Thursday, 22 October 2009

CW - Prop and Costume Ideas

Ideas that George and I have been discussing about props and locations can be clearly seen in our pitch, which is accessible on the blog.
Costume Ideas that George and I have had were influenced heavily by our audience research. We found that people really saw that the band should be wearing winter clothing. For this we have decided to use coats and scarves both in our possesion to dress our cast in 'the band'. This conforms to the majority of peoples expectations, and gives a good look when combined with the woddland location.
Other costume ideas were to have the housewife to be dressed with an apron, and tied up hair to give the stereotypical 60's housewife look, which is vewry useful when trying to convey our ideological discourse on conformity.
Lastly, the costume ideas for the boy and man will be a suit, for the above mentioned reason, and to wear an orange jumpsuit, for which we have already attained. This is due to ideology as well, as in our interpretation of the song's meaning we found that the lyrics conveyed the situation of an 'office job' as more prison like. Something that the orange jumpsuit connotes.
Props George and I will be using will be a ball adn chain for the above mentioned reason, a guitar which we have obtained for some performance pieces ( we may include drum sticks, for someone to beat on their legs or on the ground. ) We also are using a computer for the character to type on, which we also have access to. Overall we have planned and obtained the majority of what we need, with other such pieces easily gotten. Any further ideas or changes, or problems will be posted on the blog.

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