Monday, 19 October 2009

GCT - Reccie to Kings Hill

Cameron and I needed a location which would show many similar, uniform houses for our music video. We decided to go on a location ‘reccie’ to find such a place. The reason we needed this sort of a location is because in our video the narrative shows a young boy being brought up and being pushed into a stereotypical set of values and beliefs, therefore to show these ideologies we thought it would work successfully to show lots a similar houses to suggest how everyone eventually gets pushed into the same life. We had heard about a place called ‘Kings Kill’, this housing estate was built by a residential company called ‘ENVIRON’ who designed every building very similarly, this gives the whole area an eerie feel as it almost looks like a toy town. We decided that this would be the perfect place to base our location ‘reccie’. Below are some photographs of the location:

Here I practiced my shot framing to get an idea of what it would look like if we used the location for our music video. You can see that I’ve taken into account the rule of thirds.

Here are some general pictures of the location:

We then discovered that one area of Kings Hill had white picket fences. This was ideal as even in our initial concept of the narrative we had describes white picket fences as having strong connotations of communism and the ‘ideal life’.

Then as if to reinforce our ideas that ‘Kings Hill’ would be perfect to shoot a sequence of our music video in, we found an American mail box. This is an icon image of ‘the American dream’:

Finally we took away a ‘Kings Hill’ brochure for an aerial view of the location:


  1. This kinda shows how useful our pitch actually was, since we found this place because of it. I think the houses with the Samuel L Jackson quote above it are probably ideal for our video section with the housewife.

  2. Yeah I was thinking exactly the same, the houses in that area look so similar and symmetrical it will be perfect for what we are trying to represent.