Monday, 23 November 2009

CW - Kitchen Shoot Evaluation

On the 14th of November, George and I filmed the kitchen sequences of our music video.

First of all we collected all of our props, sorted out costumes used by our cast, and collected the cast together to brief them on what they would be doing. This meant organising the kitchen so that it was tidy, and modern electronics were out of sight, due to this being set further in the past. We told 'the parents' that they should wear a suit, and a light dress. We also dressed 'the boy' in a suit that was to big for him, as discussed.

The first shot we took was of 'the housewife' and 'the unnamed man' sitting next to each other at the table, expressionless. We took shots both from the side and front on. We then did the same with 'the parents', but made to look like they were facing each other on either side of the table.

We then took a shot of 'the boy' walking in and 'the parents' then putting thier hands on either shoulder. We took numerous shots of this to make sure the shot was symetrical. We took many low angel shots of this also, as it provided a better visual style.

We then extended this shot by having 'the parents' look down at 'the boy' to then smile. This gave a very creepy feel to the low angel shot, and we were very pleased with it.

We then took some lip-synced shots of 'the mother' talking to 'the boy' saying 'too many summers you've enjoyed'. We had to take this shot many times, so that we were sure the timing was correct. We played the song while we took this to make sure.

After that, we drew a barcode onto 'the boy's' hand and took bird's eye shots to make it look like 'the mother' had stamped the barcode onto his hand from hers. After that we drew a black circle covering the barcode, and took a shot of 'the boy' rubbing the barcode, to then take his hand away, revealing a black circle. We had to take a POV shot of this as we thought it was appropriate, and it made it look like the barcode had become a black circle.

Next we took a shot of 'the boy' wearing the orange jumpsuit. Here we used a tripod fixed shot that then tracked around him. This was done low angled, and looks very good in editing.

Finally we toook a 360 panning shot as an establishing shot.

Overall this shoot went successfully without anything going too wrong at all. We are particularly pleased with the smiling and tripod fixed shots.

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