Tuesday, 17 November 2009

GCT - London Shoot Evaluation

On Thursday the 12th of November, Cameron and I went to shoot a section of our music video in London. The section we would be shooting included a time lapse which relied on the rush of business men in London in the evening, establishing shots and close ups of Cameron who stars and the main character of the narrative in our video.

The first issue we faced was holding one of the shots steady. The shot tracked in from an extra long shot to a medium close up, this meant that I had to walk forwards to track in, the pavement which I had to walk across was made from cobble stones making it very hard to keep balance and the shot steady.

To get around this we realised that if you hold the camera by the end of the tripod and extend it out in front of you, you can actually create a primitive steady cam. This technique paid off when we watched our footage back and realised that it was steady.

The next issue that we ran into was the weather, unfortunately after shooting the majority of our close ups it started pouring with rain. We had to cover the camera with a plastic bag but this did not stop water from reaching then lens, we made sure we wiped the lens between shots to prevent water blobs showing up in our footage.
We then waited for the 5:30 rush of business men but despite asking many commuters who all said there would be a huge surge of business men, only a small amount appeared, this was disappointing especially as it had now become dark but luckily there were just enough to create our time lapse successfully.

Overall, on this shoot we ran into many issues which were all due to the weather. But we feel our footage is what we were trying to achieve and therefore a reshoot is not necessary.

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