Wednesday, 4 November 2009

GCT - Digipak Ideas

Below are some possible designs for the Digipak which we will be creating, the band who's track we chose to create the digipak for are called 'The Shins', Cameron and I have both created a Digipak design.

This is my Digipak design, although I think the Digipak looks good it is not in keeping with the image of our band and does not fit in with the genre of music. I tried to show a rebellious attitude which is stereotypical of indie bands through the use of the colour splats. Although this worked successfully the vibrant colours are more fitting of the electronic genre.

This is Cameron's Digipak design. This idea is much more fitting for 'The Shins' and therefore we will be working around this idea for the final Digipak. The businessmen queuing at the heavenly gates represents key ideological values which the Shins represent therefore make it a perfect scene for the Digipak.

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