Tuesday, 17 November 2009

GCT – Office Shoot Evaluation

Cameron and I recently to a trip to an Office block in Windsor where we filmed for the music video. The purpose of the location is to show the main character of the narrative working at a desk where he is dressed in a prisoner outfit with a ball and chain around his foot, this connotes that he is a prisoner to his job.

The shoot went very successfully as the location was exactly what we had been looking for. It had many rows of identical workstations all with computers and small divides between the rows. We filmed our panning establishing shots, close ups of Cameron sitting at the desk working, including a shot which peds up from the ball and chain to his hand where he is typing at the computer.

I also developed one of the shots after we had arrived at the location, I noticed that there were fish tanks around the office, this gave me the idea that the fish could be shown to be looking at Cameron as if he were the one in the cage and the fish were actually the free ones.

I positioned the camera behind the tank and filmed Cameron through it, this gave the illusion that the viewer is in the tank with the fish and watching Cameron working at the desk.

Overall, this shoot day has been the most successful so far, with everything going according to plan. We shot all of the footage we had intended to and it came out to be a good standard.

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