Thursday, 19 November 2009

CW - Treehouse Shoot Evaluation

On the 13th of November George drove Tom Powell ( the guitarist ) and I to the location where we were going to be filming, which happened to be a treehouse, as we thought this to be a good location to get a variety of odd and interesting performance based shots.

First of all we set up the drum kit up into the treehouse, which took a while, as we tried to see how the framing of the shot would be, with the kit in different situations.We finally settled on a place, and began filming.

For the first shot we just let the cast get used to what they would be doing by playing the track, so they could get the rythm of the music correct. This would make the shots look better once edited.

Our first shot was just a low angle of Tim Drake-Brockman playing the drums, which would then pan to show Tom Powell playing the guitar.

Near all our shots were took the same general form, as we experimented with various framing and camera movement.

Other shots we took were experimenting with shot size, then moving the cast into other interesting locations, as well as trying the occaisional high angel shot to give variation.

Overall our shoot went successful, despite the rain, and we look forward to being able to edit the footage to give our video a narrative fuzz.

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