Monday, 21 September 2009

CW - Auteur Video Response

An auteur is someone who has his or her own creative vision portrayed in filmic media. The word comes from the French word for author, and is a very prestigious title among the media.

I have recently been viewing a few auteur music videos to help inspire ideas for my own music video.

So far watching the videos have helped well. 'Street Spirit' by Radiohead uses strange time altering effects, like speeding up or slowing down time to create a strange looking visual style. I also liked the use of two different scenes being merged into one so that the lead singer could interact with himself in the video.

'Human' by Carpark North was also a video that I enjoyed immenseley. Its use of time rewind was ecellent in creating creepy effects within the characters. I especially liked the stop motion with the chalkboard, creating scribbles while keeping on the same, fixed point. I also liked the boy banging the desk, and all the other desks flew up at the time he hit his fist. This video was a great example of a conceptual piece, which is what I hope to emulate when creating my music video.

Lastly, I watched 'All is Full of Love' by Bjork. This was a great video, however it used a lot of expensive machinery and CGI as I watched a video on how it was done. Very little of this video can be taken away and used in other scenarios. Although, altering passage of time on water, as done in this video, gives a very good aesthetic effect, and could be used to convey an asynchronous narrative if used correctly.

I enjoyed all of these videos, and a few more, but I thought these videos were the best to analyse. The thing I have found most about these is that altering passage of time can be used to give very different moods and effects. This would be useful for my video as this effect could bring out additional meanings of the lyrics, which would be vital to my concept.

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