Tuesday, 8 September 2009

CW - Role of 'We Media'

We media denotes an idea that technologies are becoming more interactive for the audience to contribute to a webpage or other such technologies. Web 2.0 is usually used to describe such aspects of the internet. An example of this would be a website where people could post comments or ideas for communal discussion. It is a way information can be shared between a wide variety of users regardless of distance. An example of these such websites would be facebook, youtube or twitter. Facebook allows users to upload photos, music and to post opinions and comments onto others own pages. This is an example of we media as the music or photos posted up onto their specific page can be viewed by anyone else on the website, and commented on and shared, recommended and promoted through this way of exposing the media form to a wide variety of people.

Youtube is also such a site and is a tool greatly used for promotion of bands, as the music as well as a music video for it can be viewed for free, and uploaded for free, and is available for everyone on the website to view. More people viewing that particular piece of media means that the piece becomes more popular, and will therefore appear higher up on the search list, promoting that video further and further. Typical bands will have a fan page on facebook where a few songs of the bands can be played and listened to for free, and will contain tour dates, photos of the band to promote image, small biographys and a way for the fans to communicate directly with the band for free.

We media in this aspect acts as an interactive advertisement, and to the hope of the advertisers, will inspire the audience to purchase their product and further promote themselves.

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