Tuesday, 8 September 2009

CW - The Role of Digipaks

A digipak is a style of compact disc or DVD packaging that was created by AGI Media. They are usually card folding 'book' with a plastic tray inside to contain the CD or DVD. Digipaks are alternative to the jewel cases usually used for full albums of bands. Digipaks are usually used for singles, and appeal to consumers through their exclusivity. Digipaks grew largely in popularity in the early 2000's among record labels. Companies are starting to favour digipaks more and more due to them ebing able to be made from entirely recyclable materials, creating low carbon credits.

The digipak goes about creating an image for the artist just as art on a record sleeve used to. This was through creating an image onto the digipak as art, or an image of the band, or a mixture. The connotations of the image printed onto the digipak. This helps to assert a motif for the band or artist, promoting the bands image further.

The exclusivity of the digipak also creates a feeling of loyalty to the band, where the consumer feels the need to 'collect' merchandise of the band. The digipak often says 'special edition' making the consumer feel the digipak is rare, making them want to 'collect' it more.

The digipak also often contains a booklet containing the lyrics of the songs of the band, which makes the consumer feel they are getting more fo thier money.

The branding and promoting of the band usually mostly comes from the image on the front of the digipak, promoting and branding the artist through connotations, styles and attitudes in the picture, which would appeal to certain demographics and lifestyles. Promotion also comes from the feeling of exclusivity of the digipak when advertised.

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