Monday, 14 September 2009

CW - Why Are Music Videos Postmodern ?

Music videos are considered post modern due to the cross between advertisement, and art. It is partly advertisememnt due to the music video trying to sell a product: The artist.
Music television is exploratory, and as it crosses over ideas and styles already available, which therefore makes it postmodern. The viewer discovers new music, which can be postmodern, as there are no narrow typologies and music videos are encouraged to be more and more out of the ordinary. It also contains new sources of inspiration and stimulation, using new ideas by combiining genres already around, to excite the viewers. This makes the music video postmodern as it challenges stereotypical views of music, and television, which could be considered art. While still promoting the band or artist and creating a brand image. However, the visualisation of music is postmodern in itself. Combining two forms of art, to become one, through synaethesia. Another aspect of the music video that is apparent in its avant garde attributes would be the visualisation of the lyrics of the track. These can be literal, amplified or completely ignored, in disjuncture. These theories can be used to amplify a meaning to a song, and reinforce or challenge ideologies challenged therein. This, again is a postmodern feature of the music video, enhanceing original art by combining it with another. Which is what postmodernism is all about.


  1. Well done - a good interpretation of EMAP research.

  2. Nice use of semiotics with the apple symbolising sex, and maybe sin from the biblical references ?
    Some simplistic visuals like this could be quite effective for us.