Monday, 14 September 2009

CW - What Can We Take Away From This ?

When George and I begin to plan our musc video for our track, it is vital that we adhere to both the ambient viewing audience, and focused viewing. An exciting, bright video will obvioulsy grasp the attention and focus of the audience, pleasing both a focused viewing, and an ambient viewing. However, this may not be within typical conventions of our chosen genre of music, as alternative music is usually a grey, or moody toned video. However, the challenge, and aim of music videos is to stand out, so that the artist stands out. As the visuals of the video must be seen as exploratory and original, so amplification of the lyrics and sound must be used to further enhance meaning of the track. This excites mainly focused viewers, and occaisionally ambient viewers subconcioulsy. Our idea must advertise the artist, creating a brand image, create or use a motif, so that audiences can immediately associate the image with the artist, and use the idea of bricolage. Which is where a combination of styles presently in use in the world are combined to create a new, genre-less individual design. This, as it does in the music video market place will hopefully create an area to which build on to confuse and stimulate the audience by creating an enigmatic sequence for repeat viewing, and therefore producing a succesful music video.

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