Monday, 28 September 2009

CW - Technical Shot Analysis

The video took place at a school play, and so not many establishing shots could be used for location, and had to be assumed due to the opening when the curtain opened.

Nearly all shots of the band were either MS or MCU, this gave a more intimate understanding of the way the band looks to the viewer, and so I should take this into account when filming my video.

A lot of LS were used to help establish what period and setting in the story the play was in. This will be useful when establishing location in our video as we plan on changing the location regularly and frequently, e.g. performance to narrative.

CU was used to help depict an object or person as more important or vital to the narrative, this will be distinctly useful when creating my own video for 'Split Needles' as it creates a slight enigma as to why this item may be important and therefore sparks interest in the audience.

Tracking shots were used to bring the viewer closer into the scene, and could be used to give a greater understanding of the structure of the setting to the viewer. This could be useful when filming in a complex scene, and can negotiate to each scene with greater ease without the jarring effect of jump cutting. It can also be used to show things as more significant if tracked into.

Jump cutting was the only transition between shots. This created a slight jarring effect, but cut to the beat, so it gives visualisation of the beat of the music, which is exactly what George and I must take into account when editing footage for our video.

A mask was used half way through the video. This was useful as it gave a voyeuristic aspect to the video, which draws the audience in further due to the feeling of safety it provides.

High and low angles were used during the video. However this changed fairly frequently in depiction of the band, low angles were used mostly when showing the band as a whole or one member, but occaisionally a band member would have a slight high angle. This shows the band as authorititive as the audience looks up to them, but then corresponds with Dyer's paradox that the star must seem extraordinary and ordinary simultaneously, as high angle was used to give the impression as them not being as important. Something that George and I must be very careful about.

Overall this technical shot analysis has been very helpful in helping me negotiate the style of camera shot, shot size and type of editing congruent with this style of music, and will rtake this research into careful consideration when constructing my own video.

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