Monday, 28 September 2009

CW - Location Proposal

Possible uses for this location would be to provide a bright setting, to have the performance section in. It would also be a strange place to have a performance scene in, and so would interest the viewer. For example we could have a guitarist sitting in a tree. Many of The Shins videos are set in, for some part a forest, and so would be in keeping with the visual motif.

Here we were planning to use a section where a crowd is sped up around our main character. We were planning on using London for this section, as business men in suits would be walking around, which gives the effect that we want.

For this location George and I were planning on using the kitchen, saturated to give an old fashioned idyllic scene, and also for our main character to get up and get dressed in the morning.
And for some parts, the performance section.

Green screen:
We may use this to place our character in strange locations or situations, e.g. to give the appearance of standing on the ceiling. We could also use this to saturate his surroundings, or to more easily do a sped up scene, or any time altering pieces, e.g. rewinding time.

We may add additional locations later on, when ideas strike us to further enhance our concept of our video. This is most likely to be for our performance shots, as George and I would like to place our performers in a variety of strange places to strike the viewer's interest.

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